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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 8:27am


No, it's not. None of that is forcing me to change my behavior in any way - it's just giving others a possibility to do what they want.

Regarding holidays it's not like any nation will ever enforce a complete set of new national holidays - that would be way to expensive for companies with all the days off.

But if someone want to take a day or more off to celebrate something I don't celebrate - I don't have a problem with that.
Just as long as they use their vacation days to do it or work a day I'm off so it's fair - but any employer and the unions would see to that.

"in some areas communities have been asked by some populations not to follow their own cultural traditions because they feel offended by them. That is where I start to take issue."

Of course - that's where anyone would take issue.
Now if you could only show me an actual case where this happened?

Because this is what you generally get from people worried about this - it's not actually concrete cases where something have in fact happened - it's the fear that things will happen, somewhere down the line.

A fear that anti-immigrant groups of course stoke with all the lies and misinformation they can.