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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 8:43am


The discussion was about cultural influence and which ones the greater - such an influence from the Middle East or such an influence from the US.
And frankly - if you visit any European country it's no contest what so ever - the cultural influence from the US is much, much, MUCH bigger.
And as always with cultural influences - it's ALWAYS the case that the majority culture chooses to accept the influence - it's not forced on anyone.

But still some people are extremely afraid of the big bad Muslim bogey man forcing them to eat Halal meat (which isn't happening, by the way), but completely oblivious to the fact that much of what they perceive as their own culture is in fact imported - not seldom from the US within the last 70 years.

"Having people actually come to your home, and bring their entire (non-western) culture to your doorstep without your consent is completely different."

But they're not doing it without my content.
We're talking about legal immigrants moving to my country and continuing practicing their culture - why should I have a problem with that? They're not forcing me to adopt theirs.

"As an American, I have experienced this first hand. The area I'm from was predominately settled by Germans, they even still speak a form of German in the area, yet when people from outside of our community began flooding our area, they began to demand that WE change OUR culture to suit THEM. That is not OK by any means. "

OK then, I see your point, but that's not what I've ever seen here.
Now would you like to provide some sources for this "flooding" of your area with people demanding that you change your culture? I've never heard of this happening in the US, so it would be interesting to learn more.