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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 6:30pm


see the thing is, this isnt just my neighberhood. this is most poorer neighberhoods all over my country, where muslims have gone from being a minority to being a majority(or at least closing the gap quickly) mass migration + the large number of kids the average muslim family has compared to non muslims means that in my lifetime ive seen their numbers grow to a point where soon they wont be a minority anymore (this is still a good way away, but if the trend continues in this direction thats where it will end up) i can see it by the schools, public schools that used to have like 4-5 muslim kids per 20 or so students now have 10-15 per 20

you say this isnt threatening my countrys tradition but this it most assuredly is, just look at any muslim majority country in the world and see how often non muslim holidays are oppressed there. i have no reason to believe it will be any different here when they become a majority here (storys of people jailed and stores destroyed for celebrating valentines,christmass,halloween,etc in the middle east are easy enough to find)

halloween was a european holiday to begin with, the americans just commercialized it (like they do with everything they touch) which people here seemed happy to accept because it makes it fun for the kids and we have little ties left to old traditions surrounding most holidays