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Halloween appropriation 10 10, 12:47am

@Amber_Ly Europe itself already has a lot of different cultures because it consists of almost 50 countries. I think we're good as we are.

It's perfectly fine if you want to bring more multiculturalism to your home. Just don't tell @Finn123 what to do with his land.

I'm not saying that you're currently forcing your opinion on anyone, because you aren't. You're just debating this subject. But again, it's pointless and wrong to try to convince Finland to give up what they stand for, just because you want "enrichment" (if I understood you correctly), like many people like to call it. I don't have any source of people calling it enrichment, except Galfisk up there, so I'm judging that from my personal experiences.

And don't get me wrong, I think we're perfectly capable of having a civilized discussion without being too rude to each other. So may I just ask, what country are you from?