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Halloween appropriation 10 10, 10:55am

"I mean for all I know this Christmas tradition of yours might have been highly offensive in some way - some old traditions are."

Everything is offensive to somebody, Some people are more sensitive than others. If you go by that standard we could just do away with most of the things we do, you'll always find somebody that objects.

Also, if this persons protest was accepted by a community in Texas (which is not known for being a bleeding-heart-liberal kind of state) I feel the "person from up north" must have had a convincing argument?

That logic makes sence until you realize that the city in question is a Democrat strongholds, People just tend to look at state maps. Also a legal actions can be pretty convising in the States.

I'll just put my bias of the USA political system out here, the USA is 22 years into political purifacation of both parties and both sides seem to mostly revel in spiting the other instead of actually getting things done and the voters more or less speak diffrent languages when it comes to politics.