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Halloween appropriation 10 10, 8:16pm

@UnfortunatelyEvil Ah no,I think you have mistaken a bit what I said.You seem to be thinking about a similar yet very different thing,you are describing "Cultural uniformity/standardization".(Not sure if it was the academic term in english,my english is a bit limited when it comes to advanced terms ^^;)
Cultural uniformity is the act of imposing your culture on others even if they don't wish to change their culture.In the past cultural standardization was done by force,destroying the elements of other cultures,and acting violent towards people who didn't want to be part of the imposed culture.Today its far more...Cleverly done,more "diplomatic" were they fool you with the help of the media to think your own cultural is inferior and you should adopt this other culture instead.
Cultural appropriation on the other hand is the act were people are willing taking elements from other cultures and introduce them in their own,and even adding a their own spin on it.
Personally I hate cultural standardization even if its no longer done in a violent fashion,it takes away from the beauty of the world and mocks creativity and individual thinking.