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Halloween appropriation 11 10, 3:51am

["Modern" racists like Finn123 on the other hand don't usually want to talk about actual biological "race", but prefer to claim they're only "concerned" about "culture" or "religion".]

You haven't the foggiest of how I view the essence of a race, despite me having explained it in this forum multiple times.

Each race is a mix (of other races). That mix changes very slowly over time and space, for example it has stayed stable in Europe for the last 35 000 years.
In mathematical terms, a race is a (temporally and spatially) stable principal component derived from global genetics data. Each principal component can be described as a mix of other principal components.
Each individual is a mix (of races). And yet races very much do exist.

Any fast change (instability) in such a mix of races (principal components) always coincides with military conflicts. Always. Which makes it desirable to avoid fast changes IF you want to avoid military conflicts (which you seem not to).

The same pinciples also apply to nations, peoples and tribes, but on a smaller scale.