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Halloween appropriation 11 10, 5:13am


"You need to be able to pick out pre-christian traits and generalise from that."

Christ you're stupid...
The only thing you're doing then is cherry picking something you believe is "proof" for your opinion and then generalize it, ignoring anything that contradicts your opinion.
And you actually say that openly - as if that would strengthen your argument!

"You are clearly wrong.
The origin is from Mardus or Marras (mori / mors / mortalis / mortal / mort / muerte). It is the day of the deceased, among other things."

What you did was take your knowledge of local Estonian customs and extrapolate that WAY out of proportion - claiming that:

"19 independent european countries are listed celebrating St. Martin's Day, which is basically the same as Halloween. All of those have pre-christian roots, and not just indo-european ones either."

I read the Wikipedia link for references to Halloween - but I didn't read every single word on the page.

Now, when I look closer I see that the entry for ESTONIA describe what you originally claimed was true for 18 other countries in Europe as well.

So now it's clear you fucked yourself by using exactly the broken "process" you described in your latest post - you took one bit of knowledge and just ASSUMED (or "generalised" as you wrote) that it would be applicable for all the other nations that Wikipedia lists as having the same celebration.

And now when I called you out on it, you retreat back into talking about Estonia - which is not what you originally claimed at all.

This is what happens when you're to lazy to do the actual work and just "generalise" about stuff.