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Halloween appropriation 11 10, 5:38am

[What you did was take your knowledge of local Estonian customs and extrapolate that WAY out of proportion]

Martin's Day is related to mourning of the dead relatives not just in Estonia, but also in Finland and elsewhere. Not only that, the whole month of November is Marraskuu in finnish - the month of the dead, the month of break (at agricultural fieldworks and getting cattle inside, among other things).

[So now it's clear you fucked yourself by using exactly the broken "process" you described in your latest post - you took one bit of knowledge and just ASSUMED (or "generalised" as you wrote) that it would be applicable for all the other nations that Wikipedia lists as having the same celebration.]

If you had any capability of generalisation, then you would have realised that Martin's Day is related to the end of the agricultural year, while Catherine's Day is related to the end of the Cattle year. The feasts are tied to those year ends. The agricultural workers got paid their yearly wages. So the month of endings (Marraskuu) is related to multiple endings, or "breaks".

This is what happens when you're too lazy to do the actual work and just refuse to generalise about stuff.