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Halloween appropriation 11 10, 11:23pm


Your original comment was:

"19 independent european countries are listed celebrating St. Martin's Day, which is basically the same as Halloween. All of those have pre-christian roots, and not just indo-european ones either."

That proved to be bullshit, but instead of admitting that you now think talking about some Estonian words (as you did in the last post) and now the Finnish name for the month of November will impress anyone?
How does some words in Estonia and Finland ever prove that original claim of yours?!

The answer of course is that It doesn't - it never will!
Anyone can see that, but you're still hoping I and others who read this are stupid enough to be fooled by you switching subjects like this?

And once again with your ignorant defense of "generalization" - the very thing that got you into this mess in the first place.
Since you're not adding anything new to the discussion, I might just as well just repost this part of a previous reply as it's still a relevant reply to what you wrote now:

"The only thing you're doing then is cherry picking something you believe is "proof" for your opinion and then generalize it, ignoring anything that contradicts your opinion.
And you actually say that openly - as if that would strengthen your argument!"

Because what you wrote now:

"This is what happens when you're too lazy to do the actual work and just refuse to generalize about stuff. "

is so f*cking stupid it wouldn't be accepted at any reputable University in the world.

"Generalize about stuff" is the very antithesis to actual academic work!
That's what you DON'T do if you want to produce credible results!

Or to prove this with a simple example (since you're to ignorant to understand this yourself);

The same celebration you just generalized into being exactly the same thing in 18 other European countries as you believe it is in Estonia, is actually not about any of that in Sweden.
Which means that if I employed you nonsense approach I could claim that no - I can tell you that celebration you know from your country is actually about something completely different.
Because I just generalized my country's celebration into being the same one in those 18 other European countries - including yours.

And my only "proof" of this is that I generalized - just like you told me to.

Happy now, dumbass?