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Halloween appropriation 12 10, 3:52am

"That proved to be bullshit"
Quite the contrary, in fact.
The feasts are tied to the agricultural and cattle end of year. Which in turn are tied to annual wage payments. Which in turn are tied to young men and women being able to court a prospective future spouse because they now have either a harvest or money for a dowry.

And the end of vegetation period and the lowering of sun is tied to death and to the deceased relatives in general.

["Generalize about stuff" is the very antithesis to actual academic work!
That's what you DON'T do if you want to produce credible results!]

You are wrong, as usual.
The whole object-oriented programming approach is based on generalisation.
All of legislation is based on generalisation.
All societal rules are based on generalisation.
And the stems and morphemes and language vocabulary and rules are based on generalisation.

[The same celebration you just generalized into being exactly the same thing in 18 other European countries as you believe it is in Estonia, is actually not about any of that in Sweden.]

So swedes do not mourn the dead relatives in November?
The swedes do not put on costumes and go from door to door, perform acts and expect to get items in return?
The swedes do not have feasts during November?
That begs the question - which kind of Swedes are you talking about? The old ones or the new ones?