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Halloween appropriation 13 10, 11:21pm

I'm not trying to "force my opinion on anyone" I simply don't like @Finn123's statement that "clearly European countries should deport a significant majority of their middle eastern migrants to protect European cultures" because it is clearly inappropriate and reminds me a lot of the what right wing parties say. [I hope that was a civilized enough phrasing for you :P]
Everyone has the right to decide where they want to live and how they want to live as long as they respect the law. You can't just deport people because you don't like the way they live.
To me everyone just should live their lives and let other's live theirs. And I do wish for people to be a bit more open minded and for some more acceptance.

I get it you're from Sweden? I don't know why it matters what country I'm from but I'm from Germany if you want to know.