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Halloween appropriation 17 10, 10:14pm


"Everything is offensive to somebody"

I'm not actually sure that is true - but I get why you like to pretend so, for your argument.
But even IF someone is offended by something, it doesn't mean that anyone else have to change their ways.
Also I specifically wrote "highly offensive in some way - some old traditions are" and that's completely true. Some old traditions ARE highly offensive - that's just a fact.

"Some people are more sensitive than others"

That's definitely true.
Just look at all the Americans crying over the completely fake "War on Christmas".

"If you go by that standard we could just do away with most of the things we do, you'll always find somebody that objects."

No, that's your straw man-standard. I've never said we should discontinue every single tradition as soon as someone complains. I've simply said that some old traditions are highly offensive - which is again just a fact.

"That logic makes sense until you realize that the city in question is a Democrat strongholds, People just tend to look at state maps."

Excuse me? GrayFenix never once said which city she was talking about, so here you're just making stuff up.

"I'll just put my bias of the USA political system out here, the USA is 22 years into political purifacation of both parties and both sides seem to mostly revel in spiting the other instead of actually getting things done and the voters more or less speak different languages when it comes to politics."

You're entitled to your view of course - but looking at the facts this is clearly more of a Republican problem.

Obama and the Democrats got a lot of flak from democratic voters for not trying to push through more of their own agenda in the first years of Obamas presidency when they had the majority in Congress.
But the Democrats and Obama instead tried to find ways to work with the Republicans and find compromises, in hopes of returning to a better work environment after the highly partisan Bush-years.

Which the Republicans replied to by basically spitting in their faces and do everything the possibly could to bring all work in Congress to a stand still in the hopes that a non-functioning government would hurt the Democrats and Obama more then them.
And then they shamelessly lied their asses of about it, claiming that the Democrats never wanted to work with them.
So no - it's simply not fair to equate both parties like this.