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Halloween appropriation 18 10, 7:02pm

@Nisse_Hult "I'm not actually sure that is true" Then you should try to speak to more than a handful of people and maybe read a book. Offence is in it's nature and by definition always taken. Why? Because it's an offence in taste, taste is subjective and by the mere fact that there are 7.4 billion people on the world someone is bound to be offended by anything. And I know where she was brought up. I was pointing to the stupidity of judging purely on state instead of inquiring about the circumstances. But then again I love listening to people from continental Europe trying to tell me what I know based on where I live. And try to learn how political polarisation works.
Yes it was started by the Republicans and then the two sides grow distant from one another. I see you started with the Obama administration, no the problem started with the Clifton administration when Newt Gingrich Speaker of the House as a Republican decided to change when congress was in session. And now the House of Representatives has separate exits of each political party. The party is still talk to each other this was later made even worse when Obama decided to kick certain conservative outlets from The White House which later Trump has decided to do in return. It's the problem with polarisation and, well, just picking side saying these are the good guys is the exact problem that is causing the polarisation. Also don't assume that the political parties and the news outlets that favour them actually represent the viewpoints of the voters of the partys. I mean look at Trumps approval rating, it is in the gutter but he's still manages some how to be more popular than both the Democratic and the Republican party.
Most people in the USA don't feel that their parties represent them, and when I pointed to "republicans" and "democrats" I was telling you to explain why the assumption that it was a conservative are was way to fast.

I also see that you haven't read up on way the political parties is in the United States stand for. Of course Obama was never going to get the Republicans on his side with obamacare, the platform this time for say that thing should done on a state by state basis at least when it comes to things like Healthcare. So I don't expect that Obama was truly trying to get them on board with it. You might as well try to persuade the Sweden Democrats to join a motion for Sweden to take in all the refugees that came to the migration wave a few years back. Somethings just aren't going to happen.

But then again it's always best to persuade yourself that things are just thought about in the terms of Good and Evil rather than actually try to get a complete comprehension of what the fuck is going on. But at least you read up on one side of this issue, that's more than most. ^^