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Halloween appropriation 20 10, 5:19am


I see you've given up trying to claim I don't understand American politics.

As I said a few posts ago - remember that the next time you feel the urge to go for an arrogant reply. Other people might actually know more then you think you do.

Instead you're now trying to claim I have an issue with my English.

Because you claim I don't understand the concept of "polarisation".

OK then.

I wrote this in my last post - clearly showing I understand the concept of polarization in politics - which is what we're talking about here:

"What you seem to miss or ignore is that political polarization in a two-party system can be achieved in different ways.
Either BOTH parties can move away from each other at the same speed, or BOTH can move away from each other but at different speeds, or just ONE of them can more away from the other while that stands still, or ONE can move away faster then the other moves towards the first - thus still resulting in a growing polarization."

So I don't really have more to add on that point - you're just completely wrong and I can only assume you either didn't read that or didn't understand what you read.
Maybe you're having problems with your English - I don't know?

Regarding your nonsense on offence your original comment didn't specify anything. You still just wrote:

"Everything is offensive to somebody"

And once again - you were clearly wrong. No matter how many times you try to rephrase your original words they still won't change.
You wrote what you wrote - suck it up.
And once again - remember this, and you might not do the same mistake the next time.

"Though if you're on the spectrum I'll apologize in advance. I know issues of things like offence can be difficult for them. "

I've seen this smear become popular online in recent times.
You muffle it more then most and it might not even be intended as a smear by you- but I'll let you answer that.
But either way, you should know it's a really stupid thing to say.

Because many people on the spectrum are far more intelligent then either you or me - so you're actually just complimenting the person you post this comment to.

Especially as the only time I get this comment is when I've posted long, fact-filled comments those I've written to are too lazy or too unintelligent to give a coherent reply to.

So I'll just take it as the complimant it actually is that you think I might be smarter then you.