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Halloween appropriation 27 10, 2:16am


God you're such a cliché of an ignorant racist. *facepalm*
Absolutely no proof what so ever - it's all just prejudice.

Want to know what our racists say about you Estonians?

That you're all thief's and drunkards who come to Sweden only to steal and ship your loot back to Estonia.
If a car is stolen, a Swedish racists always assumes it's stolen by a Baltic or possibly Polish thief and it'll end up being shipped back to your countries.

Officially our racist SD party doesn't say this, as they want to present themselves as sensible and rational and only "concerned" about "foreign" cultures (which means any person with a darker skin tone) - but unofficially the comment sections of their hate sites online if just as hateful against you Estonians as you are against the people you know noting about and have no proof against.

Because that's what racists do - they hate everyone who's not exactly like them.
And you're not like them enough - because you're not Swedish, and thus you're less worth and shurely just another drunkard and a thief - like they "know" all other Estonians are.

Congratulations - now you know.