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Halloween appropriation 27 10, 2:51am


First of all you don't actually know what Iceland's so far got from your "current" immigrants - whatever you now think is current (people who came yesterday, last year, 10 years ago?) as you don't know everything that happens even in tiny Iceland.

Secondly you can't honestly access any immigrant groups contribution to any society until you've given them a number of years to get back on their feet.
Immigrating to a completely new nation and learning a completely new language is a big thing - it takes time to get going.

Thirdly - that's still only talking about the first generation immigrant, by the second generation - the children being born in the new country or grown up there - a lot more happens.
Our Zlatan Ibrahimović is a second generation immigrant - born in Sweden, but his parents came from the Balkans during the wars there in the 90's.
You seem to enjoy you national football teams success lately - maybe your next star player in a few years will be one of the immigrant kids you see on the streets today?
Or one of them may grow up to be the doctor that saves your life 15 years from now when you crash with your car? Who knows?

Fourthly - You write that:
"if we just keep those people out of our country" a murder could have been prevented
And we all of course wished we could keep murderers out of our country - out of this world even.

But we can't know who'll become a murderer and who'll become a hero as that's not up to skin color or religion or sexuality or anything else.
That's a question of individual character and there are good and bad people all over the world and from everywhere.
If we could tell who'd become a murderer - don't you think everyone would agree not to let those individuals in? Of course they would - but we can't tell that!

And among those immigrants you wished to keep out, and their future children, are also people who will stop murders and save people in Iceland in the years to come.
Some of them will become doctors, some police officers, some might become fire fighters or crew ambulances and so on and so forth.
And those persons will be many, many more then the people who ever murder anyone.

Because just like the Icelandic people before they came where mostly good with some bad eggs among them - so are the immigrants.
On a fundamental level people are no different around the world - most of them just want to live in peace and get on with their life.
Most of them are decent enough and only very few of them will ever become criminals or murder anyone.
That's just how humans are - all over the world.