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Halloween appropriation 30 10, 8:58pm


Your position is based on willful ignorance of scientific facts and - as you've stated elsewhere - your willingness to cherry-pick only the examples you like "and generalise from that". #9687896

The way you operate is a perfect example of how NOT to conduct science or intellectual analysis.

And for some reason or other you seem to have a specially obsession with using the tiny Estonian language as "proof" for any and everything.

It just reminds me of Jon Stewart's parody of Fox News Glenn Beck - the conspiracy nut who with a black board and some random ideas could "prove" just about anything.

You're nothing special - the internet if filled with nutcases like you who think they have uncovered some truth or another.

But Glenn Beck at least became a millionaire spreading that nonsense to gullible people.
You're just a sad racist with delusions of grandeur talking to yourself.