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Halloween appropriation 30 10, 9:22pm


You started out by claiming immigrants have brought nothing of value to Iceland.

I point out they have and that you're therefore wrong.

You then try to claim Iceland have gotten nothing from "the current ones".

I then point out that they haven't really had a chance to prove themselves yet, as they recently arrived but most of them will prove themselves valuable in the future.

Then you claim you don't care about what they could do in the future.

Well, the same could be said for you - couldn't it?
If you're 15 like your account states you've done absolutely nothing of value to Iceland yet. All you've ever done is to cost money and resources for the Icelandic taxpayers and the jury is still out if you'll ever pay that back or if you'll just become a drain on Iceland for the rest of your life.

Im not saying you will mind you - I'm saying you, just like most immigrants, haven't had an opportunity to prove yourself yet.

So, as you like sayings, you might have heard the one about people in glass houses and how they shouldn't throw stones?

Yes, the saying you mention exists in every country. It's used by racists and xenophobes.

Actually, the Icelandic elections seems to be producing a center-left coalition government.
But I'll be happy to check your claim if you provide an English language source for it.
What party is it that you think "won" the election?