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Halloween appropriation 2 11, 10:58pm


I'm sorry - that comment of mine you replied to was mislabeled as directed to you.
I have no idea how that happened, it was meant as a reply to ThorsomeTarmukas, but I must have made a strange mistake and somehow put your name in there.

This site is very hard to follow but that discussion is now located on page 3 if you want to try and search for it.
It's way down in a thread between ThorsomeTarmukas and me - it wasn't intended for you at all.

So I'm honestly sorry for directing the reply to you as it was never meant for you.

But since you replied the way you did - let me say this:

You're entitled to hold any opinion you want, but the opinions you express here is, like nationalism, just stupid prejudice - there isn't a shred of evidence behind anything you say.

Immigrants aren't lazy, just like Icelandic people aren't lazy - immigrants are - like any other people, individuals and you can't properly judge an entire collective of individuals like that.

I'm sure there are some immigrants who are lazy - just like there are Icelandic people who are lazy. That's how people are - they are individuals, with individual traits.

On the other hand anyone who reads what you've written here can know that YOU'RE lazy, because you spout opinions that show that you clearly haven't thought these things though at all - but I'm certainly not going to judge all the people of Iceland based on you.

Just the same way culture isn't better or worse - and that's a good thing for Iceland frankly.
Because seriously - what have Iceland ever given the world?
But that's fine - it's not a contest and I'm not looking down on your culture just because of that, and nor should anyone else.

And personally I'm happy that you didn't like Sweden as that means you won't be coming back then. We certainly don't need more people like you.