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From the 700s to the 1200s, Baghdad was an Intellectual Cent 8 11, 6:56am

@Natifftoff They sure are cherry picking though. True. A LOT of translation was done by christian and jewish scholars, because the appropriate language competence was common in those groups.
However, considering the strides made in Mathematics, Chemistry, physics, environmental science, medicine and scientific method it's dishonest to say that all the work was done by non-muslims.

Adding the fact that while Europeans were too busy denouncing each others as heretics, whacking each other over the head with various blunt and sharp instruments or killing jews the Abbasids created a haven for science that wouldn't see its likeness until the Renaissance and not surpassed until the 19th century.
That in the 7-9th century there was a place where jews, christians and muslims could work side by side in a relatively prestigious environment is an achievement by itself.