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We're all mad here 1 12, 3:05pm

@potatoe4life Well, not really, but I get the idea.

Beetle Bailey is probably even lazier than Chris of the aforementioned radio sketches, but I feel that Beetle is way more cunning in terms of planning his schemes to avoid chores. Chris more makes things up on the fly, and his boss never believes any of it.

As for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there is very little in common. Mind you, Chris and the Chocolate Factory is a series of very short, typically no more than 2 minutes long, sketches. The wild excuses are quite fantastic to listen to, but they are not, unlike Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, an art piece of what fantasy can create. Rather, they are quite feeble attempts at making excuses for not getting to work. Basically, Chris could have been working at any type of factory (or office for that matter), without it changing the sketches.

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