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Red White and Rainbow stripes 13 12, 3:01am

You CAN'T be serious... Dear Lord, you really are. >.>

You were "forged" by Puritans so vehemently against all forms of personal freedom they were thrown out of ENGLAND, of all the uptight places, and by claiming land already occupied, by means of mass-murder, broken treaties, and lies. You had to fight a war with yourself to finally let go of slavery about a century later than nearly every other first-world country (and racial inequalities are still a huge issue with you to this day... probably rooted in the very concept of "race" as though we were separate and distinct species, that you can't seem to let go of) and finally you currently have almost 1% of your entire population held in prison (more than 1/5 of all the prisoners in the entire world) overwhelmingly for minor, non-violent crimes (most of which could be categorized as individuals behaving as though they HAD real freedoms to do what they wished, as long as they didn't hurt anyone else in the process, that at least in your country, they don't have.)

Freedom is something abhorrent to your entire culture and its demonstrable values. It's a word you shout loudly that means nothing to you but abstract symbols of white-faced birds (no surprise there) and a flag mostly copied from a 17th century corporate logo. Actual, tangible freedom is something you expend all your efforts and considerable resources to stamp out, both home and abroad, in the later case, usually in the name of "help" that no one asked you for.

So yeah... congrats on (finally) taking a single step in the direction of becoming a modern civilized nation, decades behind most others. Way to catch up, but if it's a race with "Freedom" as the goal, you've been spending too many years running in the opposite direction to make anyone else believe you'll ever be able to cross the finish line as you are, never mind earn a place on the podium.

America wearing England's shirt