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Brain Escape 13 12, 3:37am

Canada has this issue too, with the USA. We call it "the brain drain".

Their population is roughly 10x ours, and their economy much larger also. The greater competition between businesses results in higher wages to skilled workers, and lower costs of living. The local Canadian economy just can't match the same salary offers for doctors, lawyers, computer techs, and similarly highly educated professionals. :(

The same thing happens with our entertainment talent too, come to think of it. Again, the population difference is 1:10, but about 1 in 5 of actors, musicians, and comedians working in the USA are Canadian-born. This doesn't usually create the same problems as shortages of qualified doctors, of course. Usually local entertainers start their careers in Canada, then as they begin to get more famous, start expanding into the US, eventually emigrating once they can afford a house in Beverly Hills or similar. Also a lot of entertainers are touring all over the place anyway, living out of hotels, whereas the professionals usually have to live near the company they work for and stay in one spot.