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Have a sit down 13 12, 1:26pm

Well, when there's urinals available, it might be seen as rude to take up a stall to pee in, preventing someone who needs to shit from using it. Would kind of piss me off if I needed to go #2 and some guy was ignoring the urinals to piss upright into the only pot.

Courtesy aside though, it's much better to pee sitting down. We can't fully empty our bladders from a standing position, like tipping a full glass over all but 20 degrees; you just can't get that last bit out. Also, have you noticed after peeing standing, and tucking yourself away, a few of those leftover drops usually end up leaking out into your underwear (hope they weren't white!) I might take advantage of a urinal if I'm in a hurry, but if I have time, I always sit down and do the job properly.