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Sweden Playing with Ropes 14 12, 2:41am

Funny-ish story.
Woke up in the middle of the night with a desperate need to pee. My housemates were hogging both bathrooms, and I knew enough of their habits that they weren't going to be finishing anytime soon. I was pretty sure I didn't have time to dress, get in my car, and drive to a public bathroom.
Growing more and more painful and desperate, I searched my rooms for something I could pee into, then seal, then throw away (didn't want an open container that would have my bedroom smelling like pee the rest of the night). I found a nearly-finished Pepto-Bismal bottle, quickly finished it, then lined it up the neck to the end of my penis to begin blessed release!
I quickly found I had a new problem: it wasn't a very large PB bottle, and my bladder had VERY full!

This was also the night I learned that, once you START peeing, it's pretty near impossible to STOP before your bladder is empty. In my 36 years, this had somehow never once come up before. Now I was dashing around my rooms with a piss-filled PB bottle in one hand, the pinched-off end of my dick in the other, even more panicked than I'd been before.

I think I'll just end the story there; it doesn't get much more amusing than that mental image. ;/