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North Korea owes Sweden €300m for 1,000 stolen Volvos a 25 12, 5:34pm


Yes, you're right - they are more gentle with just about any other nation then you guy's.

But I think they're especially sensitive about Sweden, as we're one of the very few nations that actually has an embassy in North Korea and has regular diplomatic ties with them.

This came about because we, during the Cold War, where non-aligned to either of the two sides, and where therefore slightly more trusted as non-partisan by both.

Because of this we also ended up becoming the Protecting power for several of the NATO-aligned Western nations (including the US) in North Korea.

And despite the North Korean combative rhetoric, they also benefit from having diplomatic channels like these available - if they ever need them.

Sweden is also part of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, that supervises the armistice at the North-South border in accordance with the rules stipulated in the armistice.

So Sweden has a special diplomatic importance for both sides in the Korean conflict and I think even North Korea realizes it's stupid to act in it's usually hostile manner towards us.

They also know Sweden is too diplomatic to ever press them about this bill or try to shame them publicly over it.
We just send them gentle reminders every six months to point out that we haven't forgotten about it, and they ignore them as always.