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In 1859, Great britain and USA almost went to war over a pig 22 2, 1:20pm

Britain- Is that a pig?
U.S- yes, it looks like that.
Britain- But it's red and White! Can pig's really be in that collour?
U.S- Well, you have those collors on your flag. maybe it's your mom? XD
Britain- How dare you say so to your father! Or are you just so stubborn that you can't se that your own flag also have those collors?!
U.S- The hell di you just say to me?! How dare YOU bully the best flag of all time?! You know, these stars represent every country I have killed! Don't make me Count you too as one of them!
Britain- Whoulden't that make your flag "un-complete"?. Because, dear stubborn Child, that the stars on your flag whould be 51. That means you need 9 more stars to fill it out. And that whould only look redicolous, don't you agree? well, because then you have to change to a new flag!
U.S- Are you saying that I whoulden't have enough space on my flag to fit in 10 more stars?!
Britain- Yes, you can say so.
U.S- Well, I bet I can! I declare wa-
Canada- umm, can you stop yelling to eatch other over the sea pleace? It's hard to sleep..
U.S- oh,umm... sure Canada! Good night bro! * looking over to Britain* I'll be back.... Soon you will be one of my stars I bet you...
Britain- wow, "Pleace spare me". Good night or whatever.