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Say hello to my little friend 23 2, 9:08pm

Well, on one hand that would help with difference, on the other - it's not like beards are even a modern cliche. I mean, unless we speak of really old people in villages - only hipsters, geologists and clerics wear beards there.

In USSR people actually were more often shaving clean, than today - but it was a cliche back then to depict soviets as bearded russian men in furhats. Recall how one depicted in "When the Wind Blows", for example - muscular, bearded, with small, fury-full eyes, fur hat, with machinegun ammo belts crossed over his chest. And he even has snowstorm breaking through the door behind him as he enters the scene. That is, at least, if I recall it correctly. My point is - I think Soviet should have beard. Maybe, at least, a Lenin-like goatee, but beard never the less. It actually suits him more than modern Russia.