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Say hello to my little friend 24 2, 8:17am

Well, if doing Stalin's mustache then could also do Brejnev's eyebrows, Khruschev's diastema and whatever that thing on Gorbachev's head is. :3

Come on, Union had more than one leader, these old bastards were pretty colorful and memorable. Amusingly enough, by the way, only one of people I mentioned is russian. Brejnev was moldovan - though, in papers was identifying either as russian, or as ukrainian, and Khruschev was ukrainian., we are not exactly ashamed of our past - first of all, it is hard to be ashamed when your family was among those on receiving end of crimes - and in ,for example, my family there was not a single bureaucrat of state as far as I know - second of all, our past has it's bright moments. Being deemed responsible for actions of dictator that put himself into post of head of state and resided there until his brain exploded with blood is, first and foremost, not justified. Especially considering that majority of living russians were not even born when he have died.

So, harsh reaction to Stalin-related accusations and generally bringing him up in conversation comes not from shame, but from fact we have nothing to do with the man, and with fact that dealing with people claiming otherwise becomes annoying with time. More than half of century passed since his demise, time to stop kicking the dead horse.