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Say hello to my little friend 24 2, 10:24am

"Problem is, neither Brejnev's nor Khruschev's physical characteristics are anywhere near as well known in the west as Stalin's mustache."

You're kidding! I mean, I can figure Khruschev's hole between teeth can be missed behind his shiny bald head, but these eyebrows? Bloody FBI could see them across the ocean without special tools - THAT is how big they were! Only lazy was not making jokes about them.

And well, on one hand I can imagine people being less familiar with them, on the other - one nearly blew up the planet and other was in his place for so long that only Putin can rival that time length.

And for all these comments - they are so obvious that they are useless. I am aware such acts of government are inadequate, and everybody else is as well. I am charmed newspapers abroad bothered to mention that, maybe next time they will mention some rally or other example of *response* to what government does.