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Say hello to my little friend 24 2, 10:35am

"So you've been able to see it anyway then? How?" - it's called "Internet". You put words in Google and then get a website or, in my case, a torrent and download the thing. I would hardly be interested in dubbed version of film with a good actors, if I can understand them anyway.

"Would be nice to hear that more Russians think like you and aren't afraid to ignore the governments orders - but I'm not sure how safe it is, doing that in Russia today? " - it is perfectly safe, and for cases of fabricated abuse exist remedies. Most effective of which being the rapid spread of information. Took about nine days to shove the fine up arse of judge that gave it to man who had photo of soviet soldiers with captured nazist flags on Red Square, that through magic of bureaucracy turned into "extremist propaganda of nazism". Once story went public and started an action inspired by Navalniy - the accusation got reverted, and in Duma got proposed project of taking down the penalties for demonstration of nazist symbolic if it is not used for propaganda of nazism.

On one hand sensitive people may wrinkle their noses in disgust at having slacker restriction on symbolic of quite a hateful ideology, but de facto it is a tool of government being pulled at by people, in attempt to take it away.

There is much more citizens in Russian Federation, than politicians. And acts of bullshit and violence aimed against citizens are being responded to by them.