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Say hello to my little friend 27 2, 9:12am


No, as I said neither Brejnev nor Khrushchev are as well known in the west as Stalin.
Which isn't really strange.

How many of the German leaders who came after Hitler do you know?
And how many do younger Russian know, who weren't around when they where?

I know of Brejnev and Khrushchev - but then I've studied history and is interested in politics as well.

"And for all these comments - they are so obvious that they are useless. I am aware such acts of government are inadequate, and everybody else is as well. I am charmed newspapers abroad bothered to mention that, maybe next time they will mention some rally or other example of *response* to what government does."

We do get reports of protests in Russia as well some times, and today there was an article about a Russian media site operating from Latvia do avoid being banned.
But unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any question in western media whether Putin will win the election.
And as far as we can see from here, it seems he has rather broad support as well.

That's not to say that he would have won a fair election, but with almost all Russian media in his hand and the power of the state at his disposal, this obviously won't be a fair election.

My suspicion is many Russians support him because they simply doesn't know any better - lied to as they are by state media.