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"it's called "Internet". You put words in Google and then get a website or, in my case, a torrent and download the thing. I would hardly be interested in dubbed version of film with a good actors, if I can understand them anyway."

No need to be rude - I gave the internet as an option, or possibly a place screening the movie.
I didn't know a movie like this would be dubbed in Russia - I don't even know if dubbing is common in Russia or not.

"it is perfectly safe" - that's good to hear

"Took about nine days to shove the fine up arse of judge that gave it to man who had photo of soviet soldiers with captured nazist flags on Red Square, that through magic of bureaucracy turned into "extremist propaganda of nazism"."

I hadn't heard about that, but it seems completely ridiculous to try to claim photos of Russian soldiers with captured Nazi flags on the Read Square as "extremist propaganda of nazism", considering the Red Army made a huge pile of captured Nazi flags at the victory parade there right after the war.

Pictures from that occasion is in a lot of history books, and it was used in Soviet propaganda as well of course. Certainly not propaganda FOR Nazism in any way - to show the flags of their defeated armies thrown on the ground.

"There is much more citizens in Russian Federation, than politicians. And acts of bullshit and violence aimed against citizens are being responded to by them."

Of course there are - but that's always been the case, through your history.
And that fact has unfortunately not let the Russian people escape oppression from terrible leaders.
You're young but I know many older Russians still don't feel safe speaking their mind in their own country, unfortunetly.

You called that comedy awesome.
I just saw it and while I appreciate it's a dark comedy, it also made me kind of sick and sad.
Because in broad strokes, all the things depicted in the movie did happen.

Millions upon millions of people murdered for no reason what so ever, unspeakable brutality and injustice and countless other crimes was committed against the Russian people - and by their own leaders.

It's easy to see why Putin tries to paint the rest of the world - especially the west - as responsible for everything bad that's ever happened to and is today happening to Russia, to shore up support for himself.

But I really think the Russian people would be better served for the future if you dealt with all the shit you've been through honestly.

It's really insane that there are still people trying to portray Stalin like some father figure, when he was clearly a paranoid butcher.

Once again I can recommend the German approach:

A couple of years ago there was a great debate in Germany when Madame Tussauds - the famous British wax works - opened a museum in Berlin.

Now in London they have a wax work of Hitler - and they have one in all of their other museums they've open around the world - so they wanted one in Berlin as well.

But many Germans opposed the very idea - believing it to be inappropriate to honor him in that way.

So on the first day they opened only the second visitor to enter the museum shoved aside two museum employees and ripped the head of the dummy.

Now that's a proper response from citizens to their old massmurdering dictator fucks I think. ;-)