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Say hello to my little friend 27 2, 2:39pm

"We do get reports of protests in Russia as well some times, and today there was an article about a Russian media site operating from Latvia do avoid being banned."

Splendid..! Fuck the facts, who cares if we had ~30.000/40.000 people going on streets in Moscow alone for the Nemtsov's memory march. THAT is not an example of oppression and fuel for red scare, after all. So no need to put THAT into any article, right?

I understand when pro-Putin's media tries being silent on such events - that is what they get paid for, to present information that reinforces Putin's position. But why is so called "free" media abroad ignores the protests? What, if we didn't built a papermache dragon like french and gave third degree burns to policeman, scarring him for rest of his life and baking his eyes in the process - we do not deserve being mentioned? If we didn't had armored cars squashing people into bloodstains and just going on like it was nothing, like in Venesuela, we do not deserve being mentioned? If we did not had any maniac ramming a crowd with his car like in USA we do not deserve being mentioned?

What the FUCK is wrong with news on your side of my border?

Your "suspition" is, excuse me, garbage, provoked by lack of info! Not my fault whatever sources you use ignore events, as well as do BBC, New York Times and, I suppose, every single other foreign article. People went to streets in such cold that loudspeakers were breaking down, and for some reason media abroad turns blind eye to it.

So I ask you - what the fuck, and why? Why foreign media ignores these events? And do not tell me they are "insignificant" - if nobody *died* or got *crippled for life* it does not means protest is not effective - it means people here more mature when it comes to standing for their rights. So?

And I mean literally, look at THIS:

So THIS is important enough to be on BBC?

But THIS - - is NOT?