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Say hello to my little friend 27 2, 3:38pm

****"I didn't know a movie like this would be dubbed in Russia - I don't even know if dubbing is common in Russia or not."

It is dubbed. Only the hiccup with government prevented it from being aired, it is available in all cinema theaters it was supposed to be shown in, only now they can not show it at the time, and so it just lies there, with no use.

"Now that's a proper response from citizens to their old massmurdering dictator fucks I think. ;-) " - it's vandalism of museum's property. Hitler will not get hotter or colder wherever he is from having a museum exhibit ruined, and being *known* is not same as being *honored*. It *is* important to remember, *who* these people were, and, for example, *how* they got in positions they are in. Sure, Hitler usurped Germany after Hinderburg's death via, basically, a coup. But before that he guided his party in parlament, he became a prime minister even..! He did not fell out of the sky, and he emerged in democratic society - which is even more relevant to modern day, than Stalin, or emperor Heliogabalus - man whom history tried to forget... Who knows, maybe story of corrupted ruler that entered Rome through gates with a giant obsidian dick carried behind and exited in pieces through the Tiber would have been the valuable lesson that people lacked.

It is *important* to remember these people. Remember much more than just them - but, for example, as much as people do not like Ivan IV - does not means he can be forgotten. Man who brought terror on his people, murdered his own son, and left country devastated and open for foreign occupation. It is just important to remember people who fix mess created by terrible ones - people like Minin and Pojarskiy and people like Konrad Adenauer.

Humanity has no right to be forgetting tyrants it produces, and people who then fix the societies and countries after them. And people who can't handle that - should get some medication and help, because there is nowhere to hide from history.

Again, I point that I talk not about plaguing people with one or other terrible person from their history, but about necessity of *remembering* these people. Knowing their stories, motivations, *methods* - and results of their actions.