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Say hello to my little friend 27 2, 10:40pm

****"So yes, protest in Russia ARE covered in the west."

Only that coverage is shorter than cooking instruction on pack of spaghetti. And several times shorter than "rubber duck" article, which was on the main page on BBC, among few other news from last few days.

****"that's precisely what Putin WANTS all Russians to believe"

No, *he* wants people to believe these protests do not happen at all and that villa Selgren is not owned by him. He wants everything to be quiet, so he can maintain his corrupted status quo.

"That we in the west only want to look down on Russia and it's people and portray the worst possible image of you to fuel our own propaganda - but that's not actually the case!" - hey, it isn't me asking things like "you won't get in trouble for watching that movie?" and "are there any independent media in your country?". As well as not me claiming that Putin has broad support of people whom he shits on 24/7 for past six years. I make conclusions based on *my own* observations.

****"Your leaders now, the communist party who oppressed you and the Tsars and the nobility before then - that's another matter."

Though, in age of monarchy we kept switching friends like white gloves on a ball, befriending England, France, England again, Prussia and Austria, then having Crimean War and hating everybody for brief moment, then befriending France and England again... Then being invaded by them during Civil War... Though that's another story.

And in USSR existed that idea of "Friendship of Nations", not in first half of Union's existence, but in the second one, when country became more open - despite the "Iron Curtain" idea was that humanity can coexist in peace and unite, just some parts of it need more time to grow into communism. Did not exactly worked same way as it was on paper, but never the less - people were given idea of viewing foreigners not as enemies - that is among common, regular citizens.

And nowadays, well... What do you know, government claims that we are invincible, that sanctions and other conflicts do not harm - benefit even - our economy, and that there is no serious conflict at all. Sure, there are few sources that are sowing distrust, but still appears it isn't a main aim of state media's rhetorics.

It is, actually, independent bloggers and websites that claim that now, when off-shore accounts of many officials are frozen, they can be forced into following interests of foreign governments for sake of preserving their wealth. Though from my observations - they hardly follow any of our national interests, since our market is overflown with imports even now, and since our main exports are still raw materials. *Cheap* raw materials. Raw materials from our soil, a thing that have been historically called "natural riches" - which flows in Europe and China for prices able to make laugh even a cashier at village supermarket.

So, are you certain there are ~no~ people on other side of RF border who are interested in our country being screwed up..? And instead of developing industry and innovations - selling raw oil, timber and grain as it's main exports?