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Say hello to my little friend 2 3, 10:28pm


Nissle, stop arguing and try to listen - because in pursue of sharp counterarguments you are missing my points.

First of all, I repeat - not always statues - MEMORIALS, if you want - are dedicated to pleasant events or 'honorable' people. Deal with it. Skull-faced sphinxes in Peterburg are dedicated to people, who under other circumstances were referred to as "criminals", and among would were pretty actual and real criminals - murderers, rapists and such.

That would not excuse taking this memorial down, now would it?

The "racists, traitors and losers" that you speak of were people, who took arms to protect their families and homes when started a civil war between states they lived in and other states of northern America. Majority of them have not owned a slave in their whole life, they have not betrayed anybody who have mattered to them, they either have died fighting or returned to their homes - which is hardly a definition of looser in a *civil* war. These soldiers were same people as those who they have fought against, as any person you'd meet on the street or as the person that looks at you from the mirror. Exactly same, and they had more motivation to fight than just for sake of bunch of rich plantators keep the slaves.

And how these people now deserve their memory destroyed with brutality and zero of remorse? That is what was signed a peace treaty between leaders of their states and states they fought against - so century and half later they would be labelled as "traitors and loosers" and their memorials purged? So, despite them ending war with dignity, they are to be humiliated and demonized now?

Let's take the statue in Durham. Tell me name of soldier whose statue the yelling crowd have pulled from the pedestal and flattened in mess. Tell me what he did to deserve that, what he fought for, how and when he died.

You want me to tell you what was name of soldier statue of whom I showed you? He had over twenty millions of names, that statue was a memorial to soldiers that fought and perished in second World War, erected by returned in the memory of those who never came back and memory of those who, in years following, have died from age. Statue itself was located near graves of 11 soldiers and 43 partisans, so feel free to pick any of them if you want to guess which of corpses belonged face on the statue than had no plaque on it.

Soldiers fight not for ideas, they fight for what they value - for families and the homes, most of time. There always some moral abominations, in any army, but never mass of soldiers is being criminal by a default. And same goes to german soldiers as well. You think that their tombstones alone are enough to remind the people living today that these soldiers too had feelings and thoughts, too were people of flesh and blood and too have thought they are fighting for a worthy cause when fought in the wars started by Adolf Hitler?

Try reading my words and processing them. In all these armies fought people same as we. Same humans, with brains and with feelings. What right people today have to *alienate* and *condemn* them? And why would that alienation NOT cause people repeating same mistakes, permitting same evils to be committed under a new banner and in name of a new cause?

Do you see my point?