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It's real-life horror stories like the ones you're telling here that makes even our right-wing politicians defensive if they're ever accused of wanting a more American model for our countries.

American healthcare, education and over all social policy is a specter in the rest of the western world that basically no reputable politician want to be associated with.

But the good news is of course that it doesn't have to be like that. You're the richest country in the history of the world - you could easily afford the same things as all other western democracies have.
But then you have to get the real money from where it is - the super-duper rich and the corporations - and employ honest progressive taxation and some wealth distribution.

And that's "evil" socialism of course.

But if some socialist policies would make a nation into the likes of communist Soviet Russia (which is what the US Republicans pretend) - then ALL US western allies are like communist Soviet Russia, because they ALL have some such policies in place.
You know like communist Canada, or Britain...