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@slicergod Behold: exactly what I predicted.

Economics is not a binary equation. Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, that I said here equates to "Communism". In fact, I'll wager even money that you don't either no what the actual definition of Communism is, or understand that it is a system of economics, rather than a system of government.
You will now protest my assertion, and make a failed attempt to prove that I am either a Communist or a dupe, and then retreat into sullen silence, trying to convince yourself that I'm a horrible bitch, and probably stupid as well.
You will be angry and resentful of my predictions, and feel an ever increasing frustration and shame that you can't seem to escape them. At some point you will try to define me as a hypocrite, although you'll never be able to explain precisely what issue I am being hypocritical about. You will also descend into making slurs about my sex, gender and/or sexuality, even if only in your own head.
By now you've probably categorized me in your head as 'an elitist liberal who thinks they know better than everyone else', but the reality is much simpler. I've just seen this shit before, time and time again, for forty years, and as such I can I.D. it and predict the patterns with frankly boring accuracy. BUt hey, maybe you'll be the 'stable genius' who proves me wrong.
What have you got to say about the question of economic justice that hasn't already been regurgitated by a million other people just like you?