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Deepest sympathies. I have had a considerably less stressful time looking after my mother for the last couple of years until she died recently. Being in the UK and despite 40 years of Thacherism there is enough left of mid-20thC social/community values that the state was overall a great help rather than a barrier. Mum was able to stay in the council house she had been in for ~30 years, with effectively no rent and with a considerable amount of help from the local authorities. While we paid for most of the bill for the carer who came in daily they paid for a stair-lift and various aids about the house. There was some paper work but she got a disability badge so that a friend was able to drive her about and park in disability spaces. Plus most of all the medical treatment was free. Despite having my own home, having paid off the mortgage a while back I didn't need to worry about losing it or running down my saving to pay for her care.

Its difficult to say I hope you don't end up too deeply in debt because that implies that your father dies fairly soon :( but I hope your father doesn't suffer too much and family manage to come through without being shattered either financially or socially by the stress of what you going through. My best wishes to you in the difficult times your facing.

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