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Our banks pay their taxes here - or we drag them to court. You should try that.
Some rich citizens obviously try to avoid paying tax - they do in all countries, including the ones you list. Still doesn't break the system.
Immigrants pay just like everyone else - according to ability, and most of them work - just like most Swedes do.
Just because you're an ignorant racist, your bigotry isn't a serious argument.
So no, the welfare state - in Sweden and other Nordic countries - is chugging along as it has for decades.

The only real threat to it is right-wing tax cuts that in the last decade has cost the system hundreds of billions, leaving it underfunded.
Right wing tax cuts that our populist and anti-immigrant far-right party happily supported - while they like all racists of course blame all society's problems on immigration.

I don't know about Estonian politics and I don't care to learn either, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if you too are voting for some right-wing populist idiots who promise everyone everything for free while blaming every problem in society on foreigners.

That kind of stupid populist rhetoric seems to attract idiots like you like shit attracts flies.

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