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Every time 8 3, 6:45am

"Our banks pay their taxes here"
The funny thing about it is that the Swedish banks here have stated that they operate under "Nordic" "customs", thus one might conclude that without taking them to court, the Swedish banks would not pay their share. The Swedish banks here in Estonia have started to pay more of their share, but they are obviously still "optimising".

"Still doesn't break the system."
A thousand cuts will do it every time.
The fools do not notice until too late.

Just because you're an ignorant racist, your bigotry isn't a serious argument.
That kind of stupid populist rhetoric seems to attract idiots like you like shit attracts flies.

PS. The last time I checked, the most bang for buck in primary education and in healthcare was provided in Estonia. Not in Sweden, not in Norway, not in Denmark, not in Finland. It is just that here we do not idolize the currently operating systems.

America wearing England's shirt