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Well, this is where your stupid nationalist and racist views lead you - barking completely up the wrong fucking tree, viewing the world not as it actually is - but how you believe it must be.

Believing that everything must be the fault of evil foreigners and immigrants.

It's not that your own politicians have either been naive or corrupt in writing laws that doesn't check the big banks - oh no, it's those evil foreigners faults!
Of course any bank will be "optimizing" it's tax payments - they're not in the business of banking to make friends and give away money!
You could just as well complain about sharks eating the cute dolphins. Well that's what they do! Sharks eats dolphins and banks screw people over - if they get the chance.
Which is why you need strong regulations and people need to elect responsible politicians and not naive right-wing free-marketers who believe private companies do business out of the kindness of their hearts.

I suspect Estonia - like many of the eastern European states - naively introduced neo-liberal free-market reforms as soon as they became free from the old Soviet Union.

Well that's what you get for doing so - of course big business will be screwing you over when you invite them in like that.

That does however have nothing to do with the nationality or ethnicity of the people in question.
Free-market capitalist will happily screw anyone over regardless of any of that - all they care about is making shitloads of money.
And I'm sure some of the people making that money where your beloved racially pure Estonians as well - greed isn't decided by peoples DNA.

Because obviously, there are greedy rich people that try avoid paying their taxes in every country - even those racially pure national states you dream of.
You're just plain stupid if you believe there aren't rich, greedy Poles, Czechs or Japanese fiddling with their taxes.

Which is why you have to have proper laws and regulation in place to stop the greedy rich and big corporations from screwing your nation over.
All the Nordic welfare states have been chugging alone nicely for decades, and they'll still be here when you're dead and gone I can assure you.

Regarding "bang for [the] buck", that's not actually all you want - as that says nothing about the overall level of service.
A nation where the doctors could fix broken bones by snapping their fingers would have great "bang for the buck" as they could fix broken bones for nothing - but if that was all they could offer, that wouldn't mean the overall healthcare was very good.

Now I know you, as a stupid nationalist, believe it's you job to extol Estonia every chance you get - but if you ever grow up, you might understand the truth is more complicated.

Estonia is probably better at some things then some other nations, while other nations are better then Estonia at doing other things.
A rational grown-up acknowledges that and can see both the good and the bad, and take inspiration from other places when they're more successful in a certain field.

Only stupid nationalists view the world as some zero sum game where they and their nation can only "win" by shitting on everyone else and rewrite history to support their ridiculous delusions of grandeur.

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