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Every time 9 3, 4:50am

[Regarding "bang for [the] buck", that's not actually all you want - as that says nothing about the overall level of service.]

Oh, really? Estonia basically has the same healthcare system as in the Nordic countries, just younger and technically more advanced. Are you suggesting that the performance of the Nordic healthcare system is somehow dependent on the initial conditions? If so, then one should be careful not to blindly market it to the first country you come across.

Now I know you, as a stupid internationalist, believe it's you job to extol Sweden every chance you get - but if you ever grow up, you might understand the truth is more complicated.

PS. Estonian pension system reform was led by a social democrat, who no doubt was greatly influenced by scandinavian pension systems. It just so happened, that after the implementation, the pension funds in Swedish banks in Estonia have performed the worst within the EU, while the pension funds in the same banks in Sweden happened to perform among the best. Imagine that!

PPS. Immigrants of non-Nordic and non-Baltic origin mostly at work in Sweden? 3 months a year on 50% workload at a kebab shop? If there is anything the refugees and immigrants are really good at - it is how to game the welfare system.