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You obviously didn't understand the point I was making about "bang for the buck", so go back and re-read it.

"Now I know you, as a stupid internationalist, believe it's you job to extol Sweden every chance you get - but if you ever grow up, you might understand the truth is more complicated."

Copying what I say like a small child now?
But since you changed one critical word, that sentence now makes no sense.
Stupid nationalists - like you - extol their nations in every situation.
Rational people don't need to - we accept the world as it is.

"Estonian pension system reform was led by a social democrat, who no doubt was greatly influenced by scandinavian pension systems. It just so happened, that after the implementation, the pension funds in Swedish banks in Estonia have performed the worst within the EU, while the pension funds in the same banks in Sweden happened to perform among the best. Imagine that!"

Oh yes, it must be a conspiracy by those evil foreigners of course!
Christ you're a conspiratorial kook...

"Immigrants of non-Nordic and non-Baltic origin mostly at work in Sweden?"

Yes they are. They have higher unemployment figures then people born here, but the majority of them certainly work.
You'd know that if your understanding of the world was based on facts instead of ignorant racism.
But that would demand you actually read real news reports and the occasional book - and that's obviously way too hard for you.

America wearing England's shirt