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SatW to the Big Screen 20 3, 4:28pm

Heres an idea. Its a cold autum/fall evening out in the woods. Sweden and Denmark were arguing about something while thay were camping. Sweden stormed of into the woods after awhile. He keeps walking and swearing to himself without noticing where he was going or how late it was getting. He walks into a cold lake. When he looks up he noticed how dark it was and that he didnt know where he was. He decides that its better to try and survive until dawn then to try and get back to the camp. Back at the camp, Norway is getting worried. Denmark is still mad about the argument so he doesnt care. Back at the side of the lake Sweden has built a little shed next to a tree. The cold is bitting through his wet clothes. When dawn breaks Norway decides to look for Sweden. Denmark unwillingly follows since he doesnt wanna be left alone at the camp (Cuz nature). Thay use Norways abillity to talk to animals to find Sweden. When thay find Sweden thay take him back to the camp. Sweden apoligises for the argument and so does Denmark. Thay finish the camping and return back home. (Sweden also caught a cold btw)