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Just in case 28 3, 9:23pm

"How can this be true, when it hasn't happened to me?"

But being fair, there's couple of possibilities why you haven't experience the joy of lego sticking up from your foot.

Firstly you might have not walked over them unintentionally. Walking over red hot coals is quite easy when you know you're going to step over it. It's a whole different story when you walk over a dying campfire without noticing. Same goes with legos.

Second you might have the usual blocky blocks that most of the time have been just flat on the ground. The little pips on the top of legos aren't problematic or even the flat bottom with the empty innards. It's the hard corners that jab into your foot like caltrops when you aren't paying enough attention.

Third... You just have hobbit feet. Good for you. :D

Personally I don't like walking over legos, there have been bad moments with them and my feet. And I'm not alone with those experiences... So... Either we are all lying, or it's in some bizarre, reality breaking way possible. I'm voting for it being a real thing.