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2017 Antholoy 3 4, 3:41pm

I'm so damn lazy I'm just gonna copypaste my comment from FB here:

Well, I'm pretty certain I'd be a lot less happy someplace where I would be persecuted daily for BS reasons, couldn't express my opinion freely, had to pay a fortune to study, lived in a shack with walls and roof made of corrugated iron, and my drinking water consisted of local sewage.
We Finns might not be Stepford smilers who go on through every day with a fake, mirthless grin plastered on our faces, but all things considered, we have it pretty good.
Everyone in this country is free to disagree with me, but for all I care, they can move abroad and pursue a truer form of happiness there, to which they are wholly entitled. Me and the rest of the people who think like me will look at all we have and say, in the words of the mighty Cimmerian himself:

"I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, I am content."

Well, apart from the slaying.