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Launching money into space 7 4, 3:38pm

@Norppanen A rough translation of what he said is
"I hope that the rocket dont blow up. I dont know how Ill react if that happens."

"Ill have my baby (go) up in space. It will be born tomorrow, and thats amazingly big."

"I thought; how hard can it be? But I have to say, there has been phases where I have thought; we are throwing the towel. It hasnt been easy. You shouldnt think that by snapping your fingers you have built an instrument and get it up with the space station. Its really really hard work."

"You hold your breath every step of the way. If it travels far it also needs to get into the right orbit. If it gets into the right orbit it also has to be hooked onto the space station. And then they have to turn it on, and thats when you find out if the boys and girls have made a good piece of work."